Thursday, August 10, 2017

Writing Bully Story

The Day the bully stopped

I run as fast as I could down the street, I find an alleyway and run into it. Edward ran past, I check to see if he is gone. I feel a hand on my back, I turn around and see Edward, He started throwing punches and I lay down on the ground out cold. I wake up in a dark room and i'm laying on concrete. The light turns on I feel like I have woken up and walked outside and seen the light.

Edward walks in and says “well you've woken up, took long enough” I reply with “What am I doing here, Let me out Please”. Edward pretends he doesn't listen, then he leaves and slams the door. I try to find a way out but I can't then I see a curtain, I go over and open it and there is a big window. I see a clock and check what the time is, The time was 12 PM. I break the window and sprint to my house.

I get home my mum is startled she asks me in a loud voice “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN IT'S MIDNIGHT!” I reply with “I got stuck in a metal fence”. My mum says “How Did you get all those bruises on your face”. I reply with “I ran into a 3 pole’s on my way home”. I wake up and it's the morning I do my morning routine but then I realize Edward is going to get me but I still have to go to school.

I get to school scared of what Edward is going to do to me. I walk into the school gates and I start to think if I should run away but I don't so I Quickly run to class and hang up my bag and run outside to find a place to hide but then I see Edward getting bullied. I walk to the bullies and say “don't bully him, How would you like getting treated like that”. At first they don't listen but then I say the same thing again. They started to get annoyed so they left him alone. Edward then thanked me so much that we started to be friends and he stopped being a bully. But I always wonder What happened to those bullies. THE END

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

HBHS Haka/Pasifika Performance Describing

Hastings Boys High School Preformance

Tuesday morning, I got to school, the bell rang so I had to go to class. The whole class came to the big mat and then my teacher said " Today we are going to the hall to watch Hastings Boys High School do a kapa-haka and pasifika Performance". We got to the hall, and sat down to watch the hasting boys preform their pasifika . I got so excited and then it started. They hit drums so loud the ears started to ring. Their second song was one of the songs from Moana. I started to sing it and laughed too. The drums were So LOUD that it made me feel alive. The kapa haka performance came on and made me feel surprised because I heard Maori songs that I've never heard before. It was interesting because I'm gonna tell my mum when I get home. 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Millinion Falcon's Interdependence

Hi my name is Hunta and i'm in a group called the Millinion Falcons (Which is a Ship in Star Wars). In my group I have Mya,Maia,Ella K,Noah,Ryan,Jacob and dylan. Our Rap was good but it didn’t outplay the X-Wings, Millennium Falcons finished off 2nd place.This was how our rap went:

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My Waka Writing

My waka art is about my family. The stars represents my family that passed away, the small star is my sister that died from cancer. The Korus represents my family. I'm on dad's side and all my other siblings are on my mums side.

On the right is a beach that beach is called Mahia beach, it means alot to me because that's where I grew up. I also like surf a swim there and once I saw a Orca whale and a dead whale on the beach side.

The art at the bottom are the things that i like. On the right bottom is a tree that I climb in Wairoa and I think it’s also the biggest tree in Wairoa, it also is a redwood tree at Te Mata Peak. The little face at the bottom is a emoji which has its tongue poking out and one eye open and one not. Youtube is one of the things im on when I'm free I don't need to explain because I'm pretty sure everyone knows what youtube is. If you don't know what youtube is it is a site where you can watch people make videos. The fam is short for family and I have a lot of brothers and sisters, my oldest brother is over 25 years old.


Friday, June 10, 2016

Animal Enclosure PBL

My Creature is A Frilled lizard

Some things I needed to consider about my creature:
It eat insects, spiders and rodents.
It would have to have a tropical place such as trees. It lives in grassy plains.
It doesn't run unless it is being attacked.

My enclosure has these special features for my pet:
I put trees and grass into my enclosure because they  like tropical places with trees and grass.
It swims at night because it is exhausted during  day. I have put in a river in the corner. I put in a place for it to sleep. I put in spiders and insects for it to eat.
What I am pleased about:
It looks  better than our other PBL that we did with buddies.
I worked better alone instead of a being with a buddy.
I managed my distraction and my noticing muscles .

What I have found tricky:
I found sellotaping tricky because it kept coming off and it didn't stick to well.
Painting because it got on me instead of the paint getting on my PBL.

What I would like to improve:
I would want to improve the paint job because some colors got mixed.
Sellotaping because it kept coming off and it didn't stick to well.

 My enclosure Image
Hunta (4).JPGHunta (3).JPG
This me talking to my principal (Mr. G) and I am also talking to some little kids from Manoka Hub.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Camp Omatua 2016

Camp Omatua 2016

Hi my name is Hunta and I am going to tell you about my experience about Camp Omatua.

We had arrived at camp.My whole body was fulled with adrenaline for excitement.

I couldn't wait to get into the activities, But first we had to sit on the deck and wait for the speech that Mrs Miller would give us. 5 minutes later the speech has finally done, but first we had to do a tour.
The tour of camp was great but my shoes got soaking wet and my socks got wet and dirty.when we got back to camp we had morning tea.Chomp chomp chomp, everyone had finished their morning tea and it was time to do the technology activities.

here are some of the activities that we did.Make a paper backpack,make a skipping rope,Fish the phone,bivouac,make a triangular bamboo house,