Friday, March 20, 2015

Reflection - Week 7

This week I am proud of

This week I am proud of doing all of my homework.

Next week I want to

Next week I want to do more P.E because I want to get fitter and fitter everyday at school and be in shape.

Blend Word Cloud

This is my cloud that I made on my hub's blog. We made our cloud on Symbaloo. My class and myself made 'bl', 'spl' and 'br' Word Clouds.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pet Express

If I had any pet in the world I would choose a Spiro Dragon because it will fly me anywhere in a flash (within 2 seconds), and it will do all my chores.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Reflection Week 5

 Reflection Week 5

I enjoyed being with Mr Costello because we made quackers.

I am proud of my work on Study Ladder. 

Next week I want to do more art.

Our Venn Diagram

Yesterday we learnt how to create  a Venn diagram. My buddy was Jack. Jack and me and have a lot in common.We both like playing on devices we also like to play Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

 Jack is a great buddy because he's kind and helps people when they feel down, Jack plays with someone if they don't have anyone to play with. Jack chose me as his learning buddy because I have a sense of hummer and I'm  a good friend .Yesterday we also drew two circles, put them together and it made a oval shape in the middle. In the middle were what we have in common. On the two outer circles we put what we didn't have in common.

Reflection week 4

What I've enjoyed this week

This week at school I've enjoyed playing on the devices and learning more about nouns. Our hub blog's name is Totara Hub. My favorite thing about Totara Hub is that we can go on to Symbaloo and access heaps of learning games.  There is one gamecalled Create a Superhero that links to our Inquiry learning. It teaches you how to colour in and build a fake fluffy superhero. If your dad or yourself are good at building you might be able to build a metal one.

This week I  am proud of

This week I am proud of being Leader of the Week because it is kind of like being Santa's little helper. I am also proud of my maths and reading because last year we didn't learn about halves. My favorite book from this year so far is The Porete.

Next week I want to work on

Next week I want to work on more art because this year we haven't done that much arty stuff yet. I want to also work on swimming.