Monday, March 21, 2016

Camp Omatua 2016

Camp Omatua 2016

Hi my name is Hunta and I am going to tell you about my experience about Camp Omatua.

We had arrived at camp.My whole body was fulled with adrenaline for excitement.

I couldn't wait to get into the activities, But first we had to sit on the deck and wait for the speech that Mrs Miller would give us. 5 minutes later the speech has finally done, but first we had to do a tour.
The tour of camp was great but my shoes got soaking wet and my socks got wet and dirty.when we got back to camp we had morning tea.Chomp chomp chomp, everyone had finished their morning tea and it was time to do the technology activities.

here are some of the activities that we did.Make a paper backpack,make a skipping rope,Fish the phone,bivouac,make a triangular bamboo house,


  1. NIce Blog Post Hunta
    Camp Omatua looks like it was fun as with all of the fun activities.

    1. also I think you used your collaboration muscle really well and it looks like you collaborated with everyone.