Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My Waka Writing

My waka art is about my family. The stars represents my family that passed away, the small star is my sister that died from cancer. The Korus represents my family. I'm on dad's side and all my other siblings are on my mums side.

On the right is a beach that beach is called Mahia beach, it means alot to me because that's where I grew up. I also like surf a swim there and once I saw a Orca whale and a dead whale on the beach side.

The art at the bottom are the things that i like. On the right bottom is a tree that I climb in Wairoa and I think it’s also the biggest tree in Wairoa, it also is a redwood tree at Te Mata Peak. The little face at the bottom is a emoji which has its tongue poking out and one eye open and one not. Youtube is one of the things im on when I'm free I don't need to explain because I'm pretty sure everyone knows what youtube is. If you don't know what youtube is it is a site where you can watch people make videos. The fam is short for family and I have a lot of brothers and sisters, my oldest brother is over 25 years old.