Wednesday, May 31, 2017

HBHS Haka/Pasifika Performance Describing

Hastings Boys High School Preformance

Tuesday morning, I got to school, the bell rang so I had to go to class. The whole class came to the big mat and then my teacher said " Today we are going to the hall to watch Hastings Boys High School do a kapa-haka and pasifika Performance". We got to the hall, and sat down to watch the hasting boys preform their pasifika . I got so excited and then it started. They hit drums so loud the ears started to ring. Their second song was one of the songs from Moana. I started to sing it and laughed too. The drums were So LOUD that it made me feel alive. The kapa haka performance came on and made me feel surprised because I heard Maori songs that I've never heard before. It was interesting because I'm gonna tell my mum when I get home. 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Millinion Falcon's Interdependence

Hi my name is Hunta and i'm in a group called the Millinion Falcons (Which is a Ship in Star Wars). In my group I have Mya,Maia,Ella K,Noah,Ryan,Jacob and dylan. Our Rap was good but it didn’t outplay the X-Wings, Millennium Falcons finished off 2nd place.This was how our rap went: