Wednesday, May 31, 2017

HBHS Haka/Pasifika Performance Describing

Hastings Boys High School Preformance

Tuesday morning, I got to school, the bell rang so I had to go to class. The whole class came to the big mat and then my teacher said " Today we are going to the hall to watch Hastings Boys High School do a kapa-haka and pasifika Performance". We got to the hall, and sat down to watch the hasting boys preform their pasifika . I got so excited and then it started. They hit drums so loud the ears started to ring. Their second song was one of the songs from Moana. I started to sing it and laughed too. The drums were So LOUD that it made me feel alive. The kapa haka performance came on and made me feel surprised because I heard Maori songs that I've never heard before. It was interesting because I'm gonna tell my mum when I get home. 


  1. this is very cool hunter i like how you put your best writing into it and it souds so amazing when i read it out loud and in my head i think any one would think the same if they read it and commented on your writing but i is so amazing to me

  2. Wow Hunta what a perfect piece of writing .
    Keep up the great work hunta!

  3. Great work Hunta I love how you put in what you did before and what you saw It really painted a picture in my mind. I cant wait till you post next time!. And the words were amazing that you put into the post! I like how you said what was interesting in that performance and what you felt sitting there and listening to the performance. Great work Hunta!!.

  4. wow Hunta!! your work is exillent!

  5. Hi Hunta!
    Well done on this I like the detail and you explained what it felt like to be there. Next Post you should try to say welcome to my blog and get them ready for the post! You are a SUPERSTAR!