Friday, May 5, 2017

Millinion Falcon's Interdependence

Hi my name is Hunta and i'm in a group called the Millinion Falcons (Which is a Ship in Star Wars). In my group I have Mya,Maia,Ella K,Noah,Ryan,Jacob and dylan. Our Rap was good but it didn’t outplay the X-Wings, Millennium Falcons finished off 2nd place.This was how our rap went:


  1. This took alot of time to get it perfect but we chose this one because of our loudness. Well done Hunta they writing is cool. Keep it up Millinion falcons. :)

  2. Nice Rap Hunta
    It looks like U put a lot of effort into the rap and also it sounds like the millinion Falcons should of won with a good rap like that.

  3. awesome rap Hunta keep it up