Friday, November 17, 2017

I Love Whanau Writing

I love Whanau
Max Apatu Raumoa Wilson
The Beginning,
March the 25th 2007 was my birthday and I was One years old. For my birthday I got a lot of presents, but the one present that I loved most was my dog. We had no idea on what to call him but I called him Max and that was his official name. He was the age as me but he was pretty tall. His full name was Max Apatu Raumoa Wilson and he was named after me (Except for his first name, just his 2 middle names and last name).By the age of two he grew bigger and bigger every month (probably because Me and my dad liked feeding him a lot) but he that didn't change him. We would always take him out for a walk because he was so big and he couldn't fit in his Dog Kennel (his Kennel was tiny because he was tiny).Reaching 2 in half years old Max was ready to come in the house and sleep in my room.He couldn't fit in his kennel because he was too big for it so we bought him a bed and blanket to sleep in my room with me.September the 1st 2009, My brother Zaydn is born and is almost ready to come out of the hospital. My brother is ready to come of the hospital and he is 3 weeks old.Getting to the house the first person we see waiting at the door is Max. Max starts to bark because he doesn't know Zaydn’s scent because he is just a newborn baby.

I am five years old and my brother is now 2 and Max is five.Max is starting to get more and more aggressive.He remembers who we are but people who he doesn't know are coming around to visit him but they can't get near him because he might bite (Max was a Boxing Dog).On the outside he was mostly rough but a little bit soft but in the inside he is really soft and he wouldn't hurt anyone unless they ask for a fight.We were going for a trip to my grandads House to keep him company and we took Max because he has never been so far from the house.My sister Kiri is born and Max is getting older and is starting to get more aggressive(I am 6 years old).

Im now 7 and Max’s friend has died and it changed the way Max’s attitude.He is now barks at everyone even me and he also stops eating.We give him to my nana and popa to look after for a while whilst I was having a holiday in Wellington. 5 days had past and we had came back and we saw him sitting by his friend’s grave.My grandparents told me that he has been sitting there for the last 5 days and he hasn't moved.We left him with my Grandparents because he was happy. The next day we come to visit and I see blood scattered on the driveway and Max lying on the ground moaning and my grandparents trying to help.We are still driving I open the door and jump out the car and start sprinting to Max.The closer I got more tears fell down from my eyes.I get to Max and I start to give him a big hug and I said “I don't care if blood is on me I just want to be with my dog”.Max hugs me back, He wasn't much of hugger he would just push you away but he gave me a big hug like he knew it was his time to go.I got told that the neighbor's dog had bit Max.I bury Max next to his friend so there together for ever and I sit by him with one more tear running down my cheek onto his grave. I get up with his favourite blanket and we start to drive back home.

The End

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